mary smith, pt 1 : brash and loud with really white teeth 

I met mary while shooting a cooking class for Chef Daisy Martinez at Whitehead Light Station in Maine. We got to talking about freedom and I asked her to sit down with me for a chat. She agreed and we met in her room at midnight and talked for two hours.   

In this first part of a five part series, Mary offers her thoughts on freedom, hope, gun control, President Obama, and our constitutional right to speak our mind. She also reveals her struggles with racism and offers a unique perspective on the issue of same sex marriage.

This video features “Clepsydra” by Casey Stratton - From the album “Lanterns Through The Labyrinth”

6Mary Smith, Obama, conversaiton, documentary, everyday people project, freedom, gun control, gay marriage, racism, race, same sex marriage, medium,

joshua bley - danger and other confessions

Singer/Songwriter Joshua Bley examines his issues with confession as it relates to his attraction to danger and how - in the end - we are all responsible to save ourselves.

6Joshua Bley, everyday people project, conversation, music, casey stratton, documentary, jehova's witness, religion, self help, empowerment, freedom, hope, medium,

terry johnston : dry clean only

photographer Terry Johnston discusses the stigma surrounding being HIV positive. 

6HIV, AIDS, Politics, Terry Johnston, Photographer, Dating, Dirty, Clean, Labels, Conflict, dicussion, documentary, medium, conversaiton,

Anton Koval : Art Is Life 

Anton Koval and I discuss freedom, the importance of art, the power of hope combined with action and why “stairway to heaven” defines his journey. 

6conversations, everyday people project, jd urban, anton koval, people, discussion, art, stairway to heaven, hope, freedom, american, documentary, medium,


Joseph Altadonna: IAMJDURBAN

Everyday People Project

In this first installment of my conversation with Jason Lawrence we discuss dysfunctional families, kindness, happiness, fathers, self preservation, growth, forgiveness, art, the power of creation, personal freedom, self worth, music, photography and how stabbing a couch changed everything,EvIn this first installment of my conversation with Jason Lawrence we discuss dysfunctional families, kindness, happiness, fathers, self preservation, growth, forgiveness, art, the power of creation, personal freedom, self worth, music, photography and how stabbing a couch changed everything

Source: secretprojectrevolution

6medium, artforfreedom, forgiveness, kinky boots, freedom, creation, art, documentary, candid, kindness, change, urban,

leigh holliday brannan - art is that space

Art educator Leigh Holliday Brannan (the art room bay ridge) discusses the important role that the arts played in her development.

6art, everyday people project, medium, education, the arts, art education, art school, hope, happiness, teaching, women, talking, candid, documentary, conversaiton, brooklyn,

susie sheridan - bugs in jars

brooklyn based artist suzie sheridan discusses the war of art, the importance of counter cultural artists and why she pretends to understand politics.

6counter culture, madonna, politics, president, american, American Life, conversaiton, documentary, everyday people project, art, artists, women, artist, painting, Talking, candid, medium,

george speranza :funny dollar fifty

George Speranza, founder of, discusses the best part about fatherhood, the work it takes to achieve happiness, and offers a humorous take on social networking.

6medium, everyday people project, george speranza, social networking, happiness, fatherhood, race, conversaiton, talking, documentary, american, politics, life,

mary bennan-wlos : believe 

Skincare specialist Mary Brennan Wlos (Chicago, IL) discusses inspiration, ghosts, hope, faith and her struggle with organized religion.

6religion, organized religion, god, belief system, kindness, hope, struggle, documentary, everyday people project, conversaiton, women, Talking, candid, medium,

deborah bryant lawrence : our re election complex 

In this installment, from my second session with Deborah Bryant Lawrence (Roanoke, VA) we discuss political gridlock, gerrymandering, herd mentality, racism, employment, and the role ambition plays in moving a nation forward.

6medium, gerrymandering, racism, employment, ambition, united states, politics, political, gridlock, america, jd urban, everyday people project, discussion, interview,

theodore bouloukos : art & aristocracy.

In this first installment from my session with NYC actor Theodore Bouloukos, we disucss freedom, education, the importance of art and the ways in which we,as a nation, suffer without an aristocracy.

6medium, Theodore Bouloukos, freedom, education, art, united states, celebrity, history, conversation, documentary, jd urban, everyday people project, america, artforfreedom,

jd urban : that is a lot of baggage 

talking about dysfunctional families, death and other fun topics, with jason lawrence.

6medium, jd urban, death, dying, dysfunction, family, grandmothers, people, discussion, conversaiton, interview, video, everyday people project, funny, marijuana, families,

justin brannan : the great equalizer 

Justin Brannan (Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs at New York City Council) and I discuss art, change, education and how he feels about the lyrics to a song he wrote (Hallowed be thy Name, Indecision) becoming a tattoo for heroism.

6medium, everyday people project, justin brannan, jd urban, art, change, education, indecision, hallowed be thy name, soldiers, police, documentary, discussion, interview, music,

rob ordonez : the seroconversion conversation 

NYC Photographer Rob Ordonez discusses freedom, art, dating, living with HIV and his experiences with bug chasing (the act of seroconverting to HIV on purpose).

6medium, art, freedom, dating, HIV, AIDS, seroconversion, bugchasing, jd urban, rob ordonez, photography, coping, dreams, hope, struggles, documentary, artforfreedom, conversation, series, everydaypeopleproject,

anthony marino : the brooklyn one

In this first installment with Anthony Marino, we discuss hopes, dreams, grief, death, loss, the story behind BrooklynONE productions, the important role that ART plays in education and what his Brooklyn looks like.

6Medium, everyday people project, jd urban, art, education, brooklyn, new york, united states, documentary, conversaiton, interview, series, hope, dreams, death, less, brooklynone,